How far in advance to I have to order?

We make all of our products fresh weekly.  If you order before 7am Wednesday morning, we will have your products ready for you by Friday that week.

Do you deliver?

We sure do! Our deliveries are run on Fridays and are available to most metropolitan suburbs in South Australia.  Head to our shop and enter your postcode to see if we deliver to your area.

I own a shop, how can I stock your products?

Send us an enquiry here, we would love to help! Please include details about your business and which of our products you are interested in stocking.

I have tried your lunch options at Raw&More, do you offer catering?

If it involves you eating and sharing our fresh food then we are more than happy to help where we can! Send us an enquiry here and we will be in touch!

I am involved in a fund raising event, will you donate some of your delicious raw products?

Firstly, you’re amazing for donating your time to helping others!  We  love supporting fund raising events however we get alot of enquiries of this nature and unfortunately cannot support them all.  Still send through an enquiry and if we can help, we will.

What do you mean raw?

With our raw treats, we do not heat any of the ingredients over 37 degrees celsius during preparation.  For that reason they are classified as “raw” treats.

So the cakes, slices, fudges and protein balls are all 100% raw?

Almost!! Except for the Natural Maple Syrup.  Maple Syrup is tapped from the Maple Tree and then cooked/processed until it becomes the golden deliciousness that we all love!  Maple syrup is, in our opinion, a much better and healthier natural sweetener than many of the alternatives used in other Raw treats (such as Agave).  We only use a very small amount of Natural Maple Syrup in our products to achieved the flavours that we are satisfied with, however for this reason we will not claim to be 100% raw!

How can they possibly be so sweet without sugar!?

The natural sugar contained in fruit is surprisingly sweet, especially dates! These little guys are also full of dietary fiber, potassium and vitamins.  Throw some dates in your smoothie next time at home – they are delicious!

Are the cakes/slices/protein balls healthy?

Yes! They are as healthy as snacking on fruit and nuts! But we also strongly believe that nothing is healthy if you over indulge, so we still recommend eating in moderation.  Put simply – you are much better off getting stuck into one of our healthy raw treats than a baked cake or slice that is full of refined sugar, added salt and loads of butter!

I just like the idea of healthy eating so I am browsing your website.

We love this! To reward your curiosity we need to tell you that you have just found a hidden treasure! Apply code “SECRETFIVE” to your cart at our shop here to receive a handy 5% off everything!

Some important tips for Handling

Raw treats are delicate.

Like most desserts they are easily dented and marked so care is required if they are going to be transported.  For short journeys (under 1 hour) they can be placed in a high quality icebox (don’t add ice!).  If you are transporting them for longer than 1 hour we highly recommend using refrigerated transport.

Long Term Storage – Freezer

Because of the low perishable ingredients, our products can be frozen for months at a time. We are yet to find the limit, however to ensure quality is maintained we suggest no longer than twelve months in the freezer in appropriately sealed packaging.

Short Term Storage – Fridges

Once defrosted, all of our products need to be kept refrigerated and consumed within 7 days. They should not be frozen again (build up of larger ice crystals upon freezing again will considerably reduce the quality and aesthetics).

In the fridge, all of our healthy treats will become soft; cakes tend to end up with a consistency similar to mousse.  We recommend covering or boxing our raw treats in fridges to protect them from unwanted moisture and oxygen.


All products should be given appropriate time to defrost, depending on their size and the temperature of your environment, before being sliced and served. Adequate defrosting makes our treats much easier to slice and will avoid splitting/cracking, especially for large cakes (23cm) and slices.

All of our products are best served COLD, or straight from the fridge.

Please forward any other enquiries or handling and storage questions to us via our Enquiry Form.